Working ahead.

So, today I worked on three blog posts, and had to save each for another day.

I’d started the first several weeks ago, jotted down a few paragraphs while I felt inspired, then shoved it into my drafts folder. I’ve since discovered that my drafts folder contains equal parts bad ideas that will never see the light of day, really good ideas that will take forever to finish off, and occasionally the near-finished idea that can save me in dire extremity when I’m short on time but would still like to get something out.

Anyway, this first post I tried to work on is a topic I love, and I want to do it justice. Partway through working on it, I realized that doing it justice would take another post entirely. So I split off part of it, and began working on that other post. And partway through that post, I realized that this whole thing was part of a much larger topic, and that I should go back even further. So then I put 500 words into a preamble for my third post without reaching the meat of what I wanted to write about, and that’s the point at which I knew I would have to put the project aside for the day and write about something simpler or else I wouldn’t get my post out for the second day running.

My big resolution of 2017 is to work ahead. I could list tons of reasons why I want to do this, but today’s experience is a case in point: working ahead allows me to develop my thoughts in this particular series of blog posts without the pressure of having to publish today.

I enjoy blogging every day (by which I really mean I enjoy seeing a post go live every day). It motivates me to keep going. But I do not enjoy blogging at the last minute every day. That’s stressful and disorganized.

I’ve been under water with work for most of the past couple months, and it’s taught me (I hope?) a lot about the value of tying up loose ends and keeping your shit in order. I’d like to put those lessons into place starting 2017, and I plan to use the rest of 2016 to get me there.

I hope that it leads to better-quality blog posts, content with purpose, and more fulfillment and less stress on my end. If you’re interested in seeing whether I make that happen, stay tuned.

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