Breaking the snooze addiction.

About a year ago I gave up the snooze button on my alarm clock.

I’d heard a few different reasons for why snoozing your alarm really screws up your day, but I’m not sure which of them is accurate. My main motivation came from wanting to make better use of my morning before work, and my general frustration with myself for routinely hitting the snooze button for two (or more!) hours every morning.

I mean, think about that: two hoursEVERY. MORNING.

Just so I could lie in bed hating myself every twelve minutes when the alarm went off, again. What absolute misery.

Anyway, so about a year ago I quit, with one caveat: if I woke up and felt absolutely sick-to-my-stomach tired, I could decide to sleep longer. But I couldn’t snooze, I had to make a deliberate choice as to how much longer I could afford to sleep.

So, if I woke up and felt super tired, I could decide to sleep for another 30 minutes to an hour. And because that would be uninterrupted sleep, I could bank on it being more restful than otherwise.

This has been a fabulous strategy. It turns out that when you either a) force yourself to get up on time, or else b) let yourself sleep in as long as you need to, life is way better.

Granted, I often fail to get up and just sleep longer. But again: it’s restful sleep instead of interrupted hate-sleep. And more often, I get to decide what to do with my morning before I start work. For a while I got some exercise in. At other times I’ve practiced a language or worked on my writing. These days I’m reading more.

I put this out there because New Year’s is coming up, which (as you will doubtless hear more of in the coming days) is something I super get behind. I love making New Year’s Resolutions. So much so that I tend to make them all year round. Point is: if you’re thinking about something this year, and you haven’t done this already, try ditching that snooze button.

It is seriously the worst. #ProTip

2 thoughts on “Breaking the snooze addiction.

  1. Haha, I actually started this same strategy almost two years ago. We’d just moved, and gotten back from Vietnam, and so it was obvious: snooze wasn’t going to work. (I was also sick.) So either I get up when my alarm goes off and have a great morning, or I say screw it and sleep until the kids get me up or I wake up naturally. I generally go weeks at a time without sleeping in, and then when I crash and really do need it, I actually get extra rest.

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    1. That’s awesome! Yeah, I also have found that when I let myself sleep naturally, I never sleep in past 8, and I usually feel way more rested. It is definitely a good away to go.


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