Got milk?

I slipped on the ice in my driveway yesterday, fell backward and landed straight-armed on the asphalt.

The impact jammed my elbow, which is now swollen and hurts when I try to move it. So I’ve fashioned a make-shift sling out of a scarf, and I can pretty much get by at anything which doesn’t involve bending my arm, gripping anything in my left hand, or twisting my wrist. So I seem to be fine. The important thing is that I can still type, and that I broke neither my arm nor my laptop in the fall.

[Which: I was more worried about breaking my laptop than my arm, even though I’m pretty sure that either outcome would have cost about the same, and breaking my arm would have been way more painful and had more serious negative consequences. Probably there’s some ownership bias in play there.]

Anyway, none of this is really about my elbow, save that I wound up at the Ugly Mug in Ypsi this afternoon and something about hurting myself and nearly breaking my bones put me in mind of maintaining a good amount of calcium in my diet (but of course), which suddenly set off an unshakable longing for just straight-up whole milk (because obviously).

So I was like “can I even get just whole milk in a café, though?” which is when it occurred to me that of course they stock tons of milk because that is in fact one of the primary ingredients of most coffee drinks, as I well know from my brief stint as a barista after high school.

So I go up and I’m like “hey, I really just want some plain milk. Can I order a latte, but then have it without any espresso, and without having it steamed at all? (And also can I have a normal latte and this pumpkin scone please?)”

And the good folks at the Ugly Mug were like “sure, actually just take the milk, we won’t even charge you for it, enjoy.”

And it was soooo tasty, you guys.

That’s my story for the day. In case you’re out and about and find yourself absolutely craving a glass of milk, probably you can find a way to order that at a cafe, because they have milk there. And thanks, Ugly Mug. You guys are awesome.

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