Why blog daily?

What’s the point of a daily blog?

No one’s asked me this yet (to my surprise!), but I’ve been asking it of myself quite a bit (to my surprise!). Blogging every day takes a commitment—not always a big one, but a regularly item on my “to-do” list nonetheless. And yet, the more I work at it, the more value I find in the exercise. Why?

I’ve found that blogging is like an external hard drive for your brain. I can only store so much on my internal memory, and but once I put it into words I’ve effectively off-loaded it, freeing brain space for the next step in my thought process.

I spend a lot of time bouncing around the same half-formed thought in my mind. Sometimes these thoughts are like particularly chewy gristle which gets stuck between my mental teeth, and blogging is like the floss which helps break it free and make it digestible.

(OK, gonna be honest: Not sure where that particular analogy sprang from, but I’ll leave it be for your amusement—I hope.)

Put another way, blogging puts ideas in writing. In the process, they gain form and structure. Along the way, they condense. As my thinking refines, the mental distance between one thought and the next shrinks, making the leap easier to make. Or, to continue the computer analogy, once I’ve gone through one thought process enough, I can compress and archive those files. They’re there to access later, but in the meantime they don’t take up so much space.

I thought it would be too much work to keep this going, but in practice I find it makes me feel better about life. I feel less stressed because I spend less time gnawing on the same thought. It’s like a release valve, but also an archive. If you’re thinking of starting one yourself, I highly recommend it.

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