I’d take it as a compliment…

I spend so much time hanging out with people who are geekier and nerdier than I am, that I easily forget how much of a geek/nerd I am myself. For instance, I don’t play a lot of video games, but I kinda think I should be making time for them. I haven’t seen a lot of the old Star Trek, but I totally would be open to watching it. I only understand half of the geeky/nerdy jokes I am exposed to, but then again, there is that half I really DO get. I feel that in many instances, I am just on the brink of going over the edge into true geek/nerdom, but I’m not quite there yet. I am only just close enough to understand what it is to really be there. In an odd way, it feels very much like learning any skill; there always comes that point where you have learned just enough to grasp how good you aren’t. Still, I have the general impression that I am much further off center than I realize, so I made a list earlier this afternoon, just to prove this to myself. It is somewhat as follows:


-I know that there is a difference between the two, and can’t decide which I am.

-I think guys who wear glasses are cute.

-I made money in high school sewing and selling cloaks, and did in fact wear one in public in lieu of a coat for years.

-I wish I owned more Star Wars apparel.

-I actually DO own, and am proud of, a T-shirt with a Duck Hunt reference on it.

-I read Herodotus for fun.

-Baseball is the only sport I have ever loved, even though I don’t have a particularly favorite team.

-I spend several hours a week teaching myself French, and have yet to hear of a language I do not want to learn. Except maybe Spanish, because everyone learns Spanish. I expect to learn Spanish someday anyway, for that very reason.

XKCD makes me laugh.

-I consider the A- I got in Calculus to be my greatest academic failure. (And then feel really guilty and like a total jerk for thinking that way.)

-I spent most of my free time in high school on an online fantasy roll-play forum.

-I identify strongly with Liz Lemon, but don’t feel I quite live up to her standards.

-I own orchestrated and piano renditions of videogame music.

-I have an ongoing debate with a friend over the extent of humanity’s moral/ethical obligation to propagate life throughout the universe based on a scenario in which a nomadic black hole destroys the entire solar system.

-I have multiple friends who speak Latin fluently, and I hope someday to learn Latin so that I can talk to them in it.

-I listen to The Decemberists.

-I read Tyler Cowen’s blog to feel smart by proxy.

-In my science-fiction universe, I am trying to develop a semi-feasible way to power my space ships on neutron stars.

-I have seriously discussed the pros/cons of zombie vs. robot apocalypse.

-I once read a biography of the number 0.

-I know what it means to experience bij.

2 thoughts on “I’d take it as a compliment…

  1. Baseball is still mainstream enough that I'm not sure it qualifies as evidence in your case. Also, despite hanging around with me, you aren't into the geekier parts of it.


  2. A number of the things I listed are only borderline, and baseball definitely falls into that category for me. Mostly it only makes sense in context with everything else. But I do read your blog, and I did read “Moneyball,” so even if I'm not really into the geekier parts of it, I am aware of them and I fully support them. Also, I did come up with the geekiest presentation for my Comp II class last summer in which I argued that high ticket prices were the cause, not the result, of high player salaries. Not incredibly geeky, I now, but certainly more than anyone else in my class.


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