Here Comes the Sun

The weather in Germany is ridiculously, inordinately hot just now. When we left for Rome, the temperature could barely cling to 15 degrees Celsius as a high. After three sunny days in Italy, we have brought the weather back with us, and now the temperature has more than doubled to somewhere between thirty-eight and thirty-nine degrees. That would be over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, for those of you who are curious. I will have more regarding Roma and Italia later. For now, I am back down to sit out on the porch, in the shade, and sip iced coffee. The day would be beautiful if it were not so beastly hot.

8 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun

  1. Holy pink blog, Batman! I usually just see it in Google Reader, and not in all its pink glory. Seriously though, good luck beating the heat. I understand that AC is less common over there than it is here.


  2. Yeah, I really have no complaints about the heat until I have to move or sit in the sun. The breeze is nice, and I like not feeling like such a sissy for closeting myself in my air-conditioned room all the time, as I did at home. Of course, this is probably just me and sour grapes.Hey, pink is my color. I love my pink. It is (or used to be) synonymous with everything good in this work, and I shall hold firm and not be ashamed of the intense girliness with which it imbues my blog. After all, I happened to think it was cute. Anyway, yes, it is indeed less common, probably because they face losing most of the Netherlands as well as huge portions of Germany over here if their flood controls can’t deal with the rising water levels that are being predicted. Whether or not it will ever happen, I can sympathize with them not wanting to risk it. Oh, and many congratulations by the way. ^_^


  3. My, what a swing. I hope that it cools down for you, and that it stays within an easily liveable range for a while.Mmm… Iced coffee in the shade.


  4. We had a heat wave about a week ago. It was beautiful, 30+ degrees for four days. I am a sunaholic, so I was just stretched out in that from sunrise to sunset. It helps you get over really bad breakups too. However, as this is Canada and the weather is unreasonable (at best,) it only lasted a short while. It’s overcast and only about 22 now. Hopefully Germany is like that too. Most people find the twenties comfortable. =]Still pondering my new online name for a blog. =] I’ll get back to you. I assume you want to keep in touch.-Kayla


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