When the Rain Comes

The weather in Germany is ridiculously, inordinately cold at this time of year, even according to the residents. Here it is, mid July, and every day for the past two weeks has been cold, windy, and rainy. I do not think the temperature has risen above twenty degrees Celsius, and most of the time not above fifteen. (This means the highs have been in the sixties, and the norm in the fifties, Fahrenheit.) This may not seem too bad until the drizzle and wind-chill are added in. Where the heck is summer?

Part of this I rather like. I have always loved the feeling of wind whipping through my hair (so long as it doesn’t blow it into my face), and the winds here are much stronger than back home. Also, my room is on the third floor, with quite a large deck accessible via the window-door combination most German houses seem equipped with. On a good day, if I keep both my window, and the windows in the studio outside my room open, the wind will create a very pleasing draft of fresh air flowing through the rooms. It often is strong enough to pull my door closed, which says something, as German doors are much more solid and sturdy than American doors. (For one, these things are solid.) This was very handy during the few hot days I experienced in May, but lately it has made my room far too cold. I have to keep all my blankets on my bed at night, and sweaters during the day.

As for the rain, it tends to come sporadically. This is probably due to the wind. It blows any possible wind away so quickly, that the sky seems to go from clear and blue to overcast several times over the course of an afternoon. In short, the weather here is more unpredictable than Michigan’s, which I always understood to be chancy at best. Hopefully I leave the bad weather behind for a few days while I go to Rome with the family. When I return it is supposed to be in the thirties (nineties) again, but who knows if the report will be accurate. So far, the temperatures have been as backward as the postal system (August weather in May, and April weather in July.) Chances are, it really will heat up, and then I will lament the lack of air conditioning (although so far, the aforementioned draft has kept this from being too much of a problem. Actually, I think I enjoy the bragging rights it gives me.)

So, Italy and fair skies till Saturday (please God,) and then back to who knows what in Germany.

Till then,


5 thoughts on “When the Rain Comes

  1. First!It’s been well hot here the last couple days. Even our AC has had a hard time keeping the temperature reasonable.Also, I realized that when I think about you I still picture you with long hair. Should I stop this our will your hair be long again I see you next? This is quite a quandary.


  2. Today the weather was enormously windy, and it made me think of you and your Ahrin tastes. ^_^ That wind had me in a good mood all evening. I hope you have a lovely time in Rome, and that the weather behaves for you soon.


  3. Ah yes. It reminds me of when I was last in Rome.The hot dusty wind blew through the train station, cooling the sweat on the men’s faces. The men’s ties were loose, to allow the breeze in at the collar. Boarding the train the women’s eyes were on the ground. A man in a suit spoke sharply to a thin man in a brown hat and he stepped reluctantly out of line. As the train moved slowly out of the town I saw the crowds stopped at the crossroads. One of the fascists was checking papers. His tie knotted securely at his collar.A dead mule lay on the side of the road.


  4. =[ I made a very large, well-worded comment earlier, but somehow it didn’t survive… I was really drowsy on Benadryl for my bug bites. Italy was a fun experience for me. Alas, I went in the middle of spring. My friend, she’s Italian, went there last summer and she says the whole place goes to sleep from about 1-4 because it is so hot that you can’t do anything. The thing I liked about Italy was that it was so ancient, yet alive. I think you’ll enjoy yourself.Take Care (how do you sy that in German?)-Kayla


  5. John: My hair is officially shoulder length. Depending upon when you next see me, it may be longish enough for you to forget how short it was when I left.J-chan: Yes, I am indeed an Ahrin at heart. It does seem to have heated up again, though. Or maybe I’m still overheated from Italy being ridiculously hot.Eric: Fascists, huh? And dead mules…Kayla: Hah! I read about the Benadryl! Hope you’re all recovered by now. I didn’t know a lack of bugspray could be so dangerous. I guess if they’re going for you eyes, though… (I’m not sure what the German equivalent to “take care” would be. I’m sure I do know it, but that somehow it isn’t coming to me…)


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